Ezypage : Industrial Edition

Ezypage : Industrial Edition 20.1

Ezypage is one of the best affordable all in one user friendly document creation

Ezypage is one of the best affordable all in one user friendly document creation software in the market today. A user can create a HTML web site to a Portable Document File (PDF) or compile an ebook in record time. Ezypage does it all by incorporating all the best features from a number of best known software packages. Saving time, money and man power.
Today's software is big, blotted and finding functions a near impossibility, at the same time using up much needed memory and processing power. Ezypage is designed to stick to the standards of been simple, state of the art and reliable, leaving less strain on the computer resources, giving the user extra computer power to channel back into their project. Significantly lessening the chance of the computer slowing, dropping out or crashing.
Main features:
-Create up to 600 combined coded PHP and WYSIWYG HTML pages at once.
-Create optional hover linked labels by dragging and dropping with embed font types.
-Creating standardize rich text paragraphs with a few clicks.
-Convert and resize width and height of any inserted image to PNG or 8bit PNG format.
-Convert and resize width and height of any image to a certain quality % JPEG format.
-Insert and place images to where you want them. (image color can be changed)
-Convert a image to GIF with Optimal, Black/White, Grey, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 colors.
-Crop, Render, change brightness, color depth of any selected picture. 'Hot Spots' can be added to each section of the picture.
-Insert PDF, Flash, Word Doc, Java applets and scripts to where and how you want it.
-Draw, place and link web frames.
-Create forms with check, text, control boxes and command buttons, sized and placed to where you want them.
-Size and Render Roll over image buttons with over 1,800 textures and over fourty different styles in any selected color.
-Size and Render, scroll or non scrolling text with over 1,800 textures and in whatever selected color.
-Size and Render 3D Text with a designer dimension shadow with a choice of over 1,800 textures in any selected color.
-Create any number of horizontal or vertical custom pull down menu's with any chosen picture, highlight or text color.
-Choose from over 1,800 different background wall paper.
-Create any number of Dropdown Combo Boxes with links.
-Create any number of scrolling marquees with inserted HTML code.
-Insert a sizable scrolling text table.
-Design complex Flow Chart, Line Art or just plain symbols.
-Create a picture gallery with thumbnail from any directory of pictures.
-Web browser window position and size can be changed on loading of web page.
-Separate page's scroll bars and background color can be changed to any selected color.
-Add or select a tiled backgrounds choosing it to be scrolled up or down.
-Browser status bar text can be scrolled.
-Select from twenty timely browser page transition effects.
-All page content can be centered or centered within frames.
-All text and controls color schemes can be changed with a few clicks.
-Multiple Protecting of email addresses over every web page from being grabbed by web spiders leading to spam.
-Create instant tables with cell formulas with different background and foreground colors.
-Select and use your own FTP application or use the inbuilt FTP up-loader.
-Change or create palettes with the ease, just double click on any palette color.
-Grab a screen color from anywhere on the Windows screen.
-Export Page(s) to HTML, EML, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, EMF, PCX, TGA, TIF.

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